Hello, I'm alicia!

I am a true to heart Rhode Island girl and hopeless dreamer.

There's no better place than the beach!

Most days you won't find me without my signature flower in my hair!

I love to travel and adore all things French, from the language to the countryside decor.

I drink ice coffee year round, even in those New England blizzards we have!

I’m a doggy mom to the sweetest little Westie named Daisy.

Growing up I always wanted to be a ballerina and still take multiple classes a week to keep myself en pointe. 

I play the ukulele and acoustic guitar! I played the violin in elementary school and junior high but quit after a couple years (I had to be “cool” you know)!

I am a complete Harry Potter fanatic, going to Universal Studios was so surreal to me I cried walking into Diagon Alley! I can never read the books or watch the movies enough!

I overuse exclamation points!! (!!!!!)

I love cooking up healthy and delicious meals (but my weakness is wine and pizza)!

I'm a total history fanatic. Anything from Victorian to 1950's era, one of my favorite looks to go out is classic red lip and a pin-up dress! Since I am a book lover as well, I can usually be found with my nose in a historical fiction novel or binging a show on Netflix. On that historical topic, I love dressing inspired by 1920’s fashion. If there were any era I could live in, the roaring 20’s would be it!

I love jamming out to Taylor Swift!

Staying active and fit is very important to me, especially since I need the stamina to keep up on a wedding day! You can usually find me hiking, practicing yoga and meditation, dancing, running in 5k to half marathon races, or hanging upside down at aerial class.

My hair has changed a lot the past two years, so when we meet don’t be surprised to meet blondie Alicia (but I still just love some of these older photos)!

That’s a little about me, I can’t wait to hear about you!